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    La Cenaduria Coyoacán, is a family owned and operated restaurant located in the Los Encantos Fraccionamiento of Mezcales, that brings traditional Mexico City regional style cuisine to the Riviera Nayarit.  The menu features an array of dishes that best represent commonly found cuisine, but prepared as is typical throughout Mexico City and the surrounding region.


    Quesadillas, pozole, gorditas, sopes, tacos dorados, pambazo, tostadas, enchiladas… and aguas frescas to quench your thirst!


    The guisados, salsas, stews, tortillas, masa … are prepared daily with the freshest ingredients, to ensure a rich authentic flavor and an elevated dining experience!  The unique style of cooking brings each dish to a whole new level that will delight your palate in every way!


    Full-service open-air and indoor seating, and carry out service are available in this amazing little neighborhood restaurant!

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    1. Lisa Love Cenaduria Coyoacán

      Awesome food! Haven’t tried a thing yet that isn’t better than expected! If you want guaranteed delicious, you wont go wrong… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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